New Chevrolet Orlando MPV Shows up in Paris (With Live Pictures)

Finally, we've got live pics of the new Chevy Orlando. Essentially the General's answer to the European mid-size MPV question, the small, Cruze-based 7-seater had a bunch of promise back when it originally debuted as a concept.

Somewhere between there and this year's Paris Motor Show, all the old, Judge Whitey executives in the General's back pocket found a way to crush any chance of it being cool by turning the stocky little MPV into an ass-in-the-air high-ish-riding mini-minivan...unless there's an air suspension system I don't know about.

You can see that the interior keeps the decent styling inherited from its platform-mate and appears to actually be sourced from the original concept. Too bad the same can't be said for the rest.

When this little box goes on sale in early 2011, methinks the best things about the whole package are the trick dashboard cubby and its two available diesel torque-makers.

As for the rest, attractive European MPV it ain't. For the full info and specs, check out our previous post, and to see how the Orlando stacks up against the concept, head on over to our Concept to Reality comparo.

By Phil Alex