Toyota Sends Dealers Back to School at New Corporate Sales College

As they say, learning is earning so Toyota has decided to bring dealers from around the world to its newly named 'Toyota Sales Logistic College' at the company's Japanese headquarters in Toyota City - we bet you anything that there's a professor somewhere there named Toyota... The automaker's goal with the four-week long courses is to re-educate dealers on how to serve customers the "Toyota Way". School opens for domestic dealers on June 1 with sales people from other countries including Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India and Panama set to take a seat from mid-July.

Although the sales program is opening for American dealers, according to Autonews, so far no one has enrolled from the States for the college's first year. The price for each four-week course has been set at 45,000 YEN or about $470 US with the current exchange rates with food and lodging being provided by local distributors in the dealer's home country

Via: AN (Sub. Req.)