BMW Launches Competition Package for 2011 M3 Coupe and Sedan Models

BMW's North American division announced the availability of a new 'Competition Package' for the 2011 model year M3 Coupe and Sedan. The package promises to further improve the cars' handling dynamics by adding a 10mm lower suspension and 19-inch alloy wheels with greater offset for a wider track.

Combined with the reconfigured Electronic Damping Control and Dynamic Stability Control systems, the Bavarian automaker claims that the M3 with the Competition Package is "the best handling production M car ever built".

Question to BMW: does that mean the M3 Competition Package handles even better than the previous generation M3 CSL or the upcoming 450HP M3 GTS, both of which are considered production models?

While BMW did not publish any pictures of the M3 Coupe and Sedan with the Competition Package (the car pictured here is the Euro market M3 Coupe Edition special), the company said that the package is available on both models for $2,500.

The MSRP of the MY2011 M3 Sedan, Coupe, and Convertible remain unchanged at $56,275, $59,275, and $67,925, respectively, with all prices including a $875 destination and handling fee.

Pictures: Euro Market BMW M3 Coupe Edition