Morgan Three Wheeler Coming Back for Company's 100th Anniversary

Fifty-eight years after the last Morgan three-wheeler rolled off the production line, a source close to the family owned company has confirmed that the iconic model will be resurrected to celebrate the brand's centenary (1910 - 2010).

When asked by Britain's Morgan Three Wheeler Club, Jill Price - the sister of Morgan Managing Director Charles Morgan - confirmed that such a model was in development. There are no official details as of yet but club members are happy to speculate:

The new three-wheeler, most likely to be named Super Sport and priced around the £46,000, could be powered by a 90 bhp 1,000cc or 1,100cc V-twin engine good for a top speed of 100 mph. This would be based on J. A. Prestwich's original and will possibly be built by local specialists Cameron Engineering.

Ian Parkinson, of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club, told the Telegraph: "We play with these silly old cars because they're are a lot of fun to drive: they corner like they're on rails and you can drift them round corners. But they can conk out without warning in the middle of nowhere.

"It will be wonderful to see a classic bit of British engineering back on the road and brand new and could open the club to a new kind of enthusiast."

The last of the three wheelers left Morgan's Malvern factory in July 1952, though the model was briefly resurrected as the Liberty Ace by American Pete Larsen in 2009.

By Tristan Hankins

Source: Telegraph