BMW 5-Series GT: What Should the 'GT' Stand For?

You've got to love those marketing folks. I mean, '5-Series GT' sounds pretty cool and certainly much better than the initial 'PAS' moniker that stands for "Progressive Activity Sedan." To be totally honest, the newest 5er justifies the 'Gran Turismo' badge in the sense that it has the core qualities of a GT: it promises to cover large distances super fast and in absolute comfort for its passengers.

But somehow a vehicle that looks like it tries to merge a station-wagon with an MPV and an SUV with a sedan and a coupe, all at the same time, doesn't quite sit well with us a GT, at least not in the classic way we interpret it. So, as our friend 'Sergejs' humorously proposed, enlighten or amuse us with what you think the acronym "GT" should stand for in the new bimmer by leaving us a comment below.