Honda Addresses Critics by Releasing New Photos of Accord Crosstour

Unless your head was buried in a sandy beach the past few days, you probably heard and/or read the negative internet chatter about the new Accord Crosstour on forums, blogs including this one (see what Auto Cars 2011 readers said here) and even Honda's own Facebook page. Well, time has come for Honda to react, but not the way you think, meaning the company is not firing the designers nor is it sending the Accord Crosstour back to the drawing board. No siree...

Honda claims that the two initial press shots are to blame for the public outcry as they weren't the best to show off the vehicle. Having said that, the company decided to address the critics and prove that they are wrong about the crossover's design by releasing a new set of pics which showcase an Accord Crosstour finished in a dark cherry color.

Furthermore, this time we get to see the five-door crossover pictured from different angles and even on the road with a natural background.

We'll let you be the judge if these new photos make the Accord Crosstour look better or not, so just head over to our comment section below and shoot your negative or positive thoughts on the car.