Ford Stops Production of Transit in China Over Accelerator Pedal Issue

While Toyota is the main car manufacturer to be affected by the faulty accelerator pedals (not to be confused with the floor-mat related sticky accelerator issues) made by Indiana-based supplier CTS Corp., it isn't the only one.

The Associated Press as well as the USA Today reported today that Ford has halted production of its Transit Classic van in China because it has a similar type of pedal assembly made by CTS as the ones blamed for Toyota's recall in the States.

"When anybody has an issue in the industry, we check everything about the Ford system and production process," said Ford CEO Alan Mulally. "It's our assessment right now that this is very isolated."

It is also reported that Toyota has issued a new recall of 75,000 vehicles in China for the same matter.

Earlier today, Toyota said that it is investigating the issue on its European models also.

Thanks for the tip 3Deuce27! , Via: USA Today