VIDEO: 2012 Mercedes ML Prototype and AMG S-Class Pull Out CL-Class AMG Test Car from Snow Ditch

Now here's an incident that you don't get to see very often - let alone capture on film. But these spy photographers got lucky when, while they were tailing a camouflaged 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML SUV prototype on a snow covered road, the driver of the SUV led them straight to a CL-Class AMG facelift test car that was trapped in a ditch!

At first, the Mercedes-Benz team tried to pull out the CL-Class AMG coupe only with the all-wheel drive ML.

When that didn't work, they then employed the help of an S-Class AMG sedan equipped with snow chains. The combined pulling power of the two Mercs did the job. Enjoy the video after the break.

Via: Youtube / AMS