The Ultimate BMW M3 Video: 25 Years, Four-Generations, in 30 Minutes

It was in 1986 that BMW launched a car that would virtually rewrite the book on mainstream sports cars and bolster the fame not only of the M-brand but also of the company itself for the years to come. That vehicle is autoofcars2011.blogspot other than the first generation of the M3 based on the popular E30 3-Series.

Since then, BMW has presented another three generations of the M3, all of which turned the standard 3-Series into a performance car for the enthusiast through extensive engine, chassis and (to a lesser extent) aerodynamic and styling modifications.

The original four-cylinder M3, sold in both coupe and convertible forms, was replaced in 1992 by the 6-cylinder E36 model, which was eventually available as a coupe, convertible and for the first time, as a sedan.

The next chapter in the M3's history was written by the E46, again powered by a straight-six engine and available in coupe and convertible variants. The current E90/92/93 series M3 was launched in 2007 with power coming from a new V8 engine. It is offered in coupe, hardtop-convertible and sedan versions.

Now, with the M3's 25th anniversary just around the corner, we thought we'd share with you a commemorative video showing all four generations of the M3 in detail. Enjoy.