2011 Ford Explorer SUV: First Official Teaser Photos, More to Come

Hidden somewhere in these cryptic photos is the all-new 2011 Ford Explorer SUV. The pictures were just released a few minutes ago on FoMoCo's dedicated Facebook page.

They don't show much of the new SUV model but the plan is to slowly undress the 2011 Explorer through a series of pictures that will be uploaded on the much-criticized lately, yet massively powerful, social network site in the same way Honda did with the Accord CrossTour last year.

So, when will we see the new Explorer? There's no specific date, but Scott Monty, Ford's head of social media, told the New York Times today that the company's new SUV model will be fully revealed sometime in July.

From what we know until now, the new Explorer ditches the body-on-frame rig for a lighter, car-like unibody structure based on the Ford Flex.

It also gets Ford's new 2.0-liter turbo and a 3.5-liter V6 engine in both naturally aspirated and twin-turbocharged versions, as well as a Land Rover-like terrain-management system that handles drivetrain and suspension settings to properly match traction to the road or weather conditions.

The new Explorer will enter production at the end of this year.

Link: Facebook