Production Ready Chevy Camaro Convertibles Scooped at Holden Plant

General Motors has been driving us crazy lately with the drop-top variant of the new Chevrolet Camaro as the Detroit automaker is constantly pushing back and forth the vehicle's market launch date. Nevertheless, the project seems to be well on track as these latest scoop photographs prove. The completely undisguised Camaro Convertible models that appear to be production-ready were bagged at GM Holden's e Fishermans Bend plant in Melbourne, Australia, by a Camaro5 forum member.

According to a recent report from Autonews, General Motors is said to have pulled the introduction of the ragtop convertible back to the 2011 model year instead of 2012, but better hold your horses until we hear an official announcement from a GM spokesman.

Like the 2010 Camaro coupe that landed in dealerships this spring, the Camaro Convertible will be offered with a V6 and V8 engine options.

Via: Camaro5