VW Unveils Polo 3-Door Ahead of Frankfurt Show, Bluemotion Model Returns 71.2mpg!

The three-door version of the new Volkswagen Polo supermini has been officially revealed ahead of its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. We've only got the photos to go by, but the German automaker says that the more pronounced kink in the rear window gives the 3-door model a more aggressive stance than the five-door version making the new member of the Polo family appear lower and wider than it really is.

Other than that, there are no differences between the two models as the body dimensions of the three and five-door versions are identical with a length of 3,970 mm, width of 1,682 mm and height of 1,485 mm. The same applies to the interior space and cargo capacities (280 to 952 liters).

At launch the 3-door Polo will be available in six engine versions and three equipment variants - Trendline, Comfortline, Highline.

The initial gasoline range comprises of three engines with outputs of 60HP, 70HP and 85HP. VW said that it is also readying a turbocharged direct-injection TSI unit with 105HP.

On the diesel side, the 3d Polo will be available with three TDI engines producing 75HP, 90HP and 105HP.

There will also be a fourth TDI, the new 75HP 1.2-liter TDI of the Polo BlueMotion that will be introduced in Frankfurt with sales set to begin at the beginning of 2010. According to VW, the Bluemotion model will be the world's most fuel-efficient car in its class with a fuel consumption of 3.3 lt / 100km or 71.3mpg US equivalent to 87 g/km CO2.

The new supermini that will compete against the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio, is built at Volkswagen's Pamplona production facility in Spain. European sales are expected to begin in October (UK in early 2010).