A Nissan Silva Coupe with a Schizophrenic Personality

In October of 2010 we brought you a Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC that had been transformed into an abomination with a Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM front end and a Nissan 200SX rump. It was bad, but I still liked it better than the snooze-mobile that was the ‘91 Soarer / CS.

Well, from the same website that brought us that automotive mullet comes yet another creation that’s been refashioned into something else. This time its a Nissan Silva. This particular freak of coach building features a Mercedes-Benz rear end (or at very least the taillights) and Nissan 350Z front end. The result is less than impressive.

I don’t know what’s worse – the matte white that makes the car look like it’s still in primer or the cacophony of weird vents jutting out of the plastic snap-on bodywork. Despite the owner’s best efforts, the rear bumper clearly doesn’t fit, jutting out beyond the rear wheels and necessitating the addition of those awful rear bulges. Mitsuoka could do better with a Nissan Micra and papier-mâché.

Though don’t take my word for it. Study the pictures and deliver your verdict in the comments section below.

By Tristan Hankins

Source: Farmofminds