Geneva Preshow: New Renault Wind Receives the Gordini Touch

Renault's funky looking little coupe-convertible, the new Wind, is next up on the French automaker's list of models to receive the Gordini styling treatment. More of a posh version of the standard Wind than anything else, the Gordini-badged model bears the in-house tuner's traditional colors with a Malta blue bodywork and two white stripes. It also gets Glacier white door mirrors, grille trim and rear wing, and a glossy black roof, while the 17-inch diamond alloy wheels and a badge marked with a “G” completes the look.

Inside, the cabin features special “Gordini” black and blue leather upholstery, blue and white door straps, a blue leather steering wheel with white stripes at the top, and a gear lever with a leather gaiter and metal knob with the Gordini name.

There are no mechanical changes over the standard Wind models.

The Wind Gordini will receive its world premiere at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show in early March, and go on sale across Europe shortly after.