Super Bowl Video: Suzuki Kizashi Chased by Evil Snowmen

With the Super Bowl XLV rumored to reach out to a
record number of viewers this year, it’s no surprise that automakers are queuing up to take a shot at convincing potential customers to buy their products.

Suzuki’s focus will be on the Kizashi sedan, featured in a TV spot called “Wicked Weather”. The clip shows the all-wheel drive version as it’s being chased by a pack of evil, almost-zombie-like snowmen. While it sounds like an idea uttered in at an Amsterdam café, the CGI is convincing and the Japanese sedan seems to cope well with the snowy roads. Hit the jump to see the video.

This is Suzuki’s first appearance at the Super Bowl and the ad is going to be broadcast in 19 markets, located in the Eastern and Southeastern part of the U.S., as the manufacturer strives to recover from last year’s dwindling sales.

By Csaba Daradics