Fiat Sentiero: Concept Study for a Compact Pick Up Truck

No, Fiat's marriage with the Chrysler Group has not spawned its first offspring. What you see pictured here is the work of Dragos Prodan, a 2009 industrial design graduate of George Enescu University in Iasi, Romania. The Fiat Sentiero, which was created as part of Prodan's final year project, is a conceptual proposal for a compact-sized pickup truck for the European market. The designer states that the vehicle's styling is based on Fiat's current design language and Italian design in general - whatever that means.

We also see a "tee-bit" of the 2006 Dodge Rampage pickup truck concept in the overall shape of the Sentiero, but then again, we could be wrong.

The concept study features several storage compartments that include those behind the doors, the rear bed and even once incorporated in the tailgate. The Romanian designer says that the proposed engine for the Sentiero is a 3.0-liter V6 diesel with an output of around 250 HP driving all-four wheels.

Photos: Dragos Prodan , Via: Disenoart

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