Honda Drops Accord Crosstour Teaser Shot, Begins Countdown

Having already confirmed the name of its new Accord-based crossover, Honda is now starting the promotional campaign for the Crosstour with the release of the first teaser shot. It will be followed by more cryptic photographs over the next 11 days as the Japanese automaker wants to build some hype around the crossover prior to the vehicle's official unveiling on September 1st. The first image shows the Crosstour's front grille which is different than the one found on the Accord Coupe and Sedan models - if you just whispered 'big deal' no worries, we agree with you 100 per cent...

Previous spy shots suggest that the Accord Crosstour looks like something that we'd feel comfortable describing as a "poor man's" BMW 5-Series GT featuring an elongated hatch and a sleek roofline.

We're still in the dark when it comes to powertrain options but Honda recently announced that the Accord Crosstour will go on sale in the U.S. this fall. More to come shortly.