VIDEO: Aston Martin Rapide Sampled in Kuwait

Aston Martin may not be ready to move journalists behind the wheel of the new Rapide for a test drive as the sports sedan is still undergoing development, but the British automaker did offer Autocar's Steve Cropley the chance to take a seat on the passenger's side as he joined the firm's development team during hot weather testing of the saloon in Kuwait.

Besides the fact that Cropley didn't look to be enjoying himself much, we kept two things from the video: one is that in our opinion, the Rapide's exterior styling doesn't seem to have the same effect on us as the concept did three years ago and the other is that judging by Cropely, the rear passenger area looks a little cramped for adults -let's not forget that it's a five-meter (197-in.) long sedan. Watch the video below and tell us what you think.