Giga Fiat 500 Convertible Tours European Cities

It doesn't get any bigger than this - Fiat's oversized replica of the 500C mini that is making its way to the UK as part of a Europe-wide tour to promote the new convertible model. Many of you might remember the 5:1 scale model of the 500 from previous international motor shows but this one replicates the 'drop-top' style of the convertible model with a projection of the sky on to the inner lining of the car's roof.

The gigantic 500C that is five times the size of the road-going model will be in London for an event entitled The Big Smile, from 28 August until 2 September, and will be situated at a special venue called Parklife, on Oxford Street.

"We are taking The Big Smile to one of the busiest areas of London and I am looking forward to bringing our special brand of fun to this wonderful city," said Elena Bernardelli, marketing director, Fiat Group Automobiles UK. "The huge Fiat 500C, and the whole event will create a great atmosphere and we're anticipating six very happy days ahead."