2012 Toyota Yaris / Vitz Mini Site Launched in Japan, but Leaked Brochure Shots Reveal All

Toyota is getting ready to present a new generation of its Japanese domestic market Vitz supermini, which we will come to know (with a few changes here and there) as the 2012 Yaris.

For this reason, Toyota launched a mini site teasing the new car through some cropped images and text, which unfortunately, is in Japanese - any help with the translation would be appreciated. From what we understand, the new Vitz / Yaris will either be unveiled or is planned to go on sale in Japan, in December

The teaser shots on the site match the leaked brochure images of the JDM car that have been making the internet rounds these past few days. The catalog pictures reveal a more aggressive and edgier styling language for the new Yaris, while we also learn that the car is 100mm longer in total length and 20 mm shorter in height, compared to the current model. It also gets a 50mm stretch in wheelbase, which should improve interior space.

We'll keep an eye out for any new information and pass it on as it comes.

Link: Toyota Mini Site , Brochure Shots: Minkara & Lo Vitz