Vipervette is the latest project to kill two performance nameplates in one go

The 1986 Vipervette is exactly what you think it is: part Dodge Viper, part Corvette, all painful. Riding on a 1986 Corvette chassis, the Vipervette is said to have inherited its body (and not much else, apparently) from a 2000 Dodge Viper. Because of this hodge-podge mix of machinery, we have a car with some very awkward proportions.

The car is motivated by the '86 Vette's power train - a 5.7-liter V8 and a 4-speed stick - so don't expect to be going anywhere in too much of a hurry. Inside is more of the 1980's, with the Corvette interior color-coded to line up with the Viper exterior (meaning it's the mighty played-out red and black).

At least it's based on a relatively modern car, so it's got common amenities like power steering, power windows, the Viper's removable top, and a CD player. There's no telling about the quality of the project's fit and finish, but if you're interested in finding out for yourself, this little monster can be yours for the low, low price of $12,250.

For that money, I'd pass and get a cherry 1980's Corvette (and still have money for a vacation, to boot).

By Phil Alex

Link: Autabuy - Hat tip to Brian!