2020 Apple iMove Study: Macintosh thinks differently as it hits middle age

A while back there was a rumor going around that Apple and its overlord Steve Jobs were going to be getting into the city car game. Although nothing official has been announced in the years since those rumors started - and Google looks ready to shut down anything Apple has coming with its driver-less cars - the iMove, an independent design study, is likely close to what people were thinking as soon as Apple mentioned "car".

Designed by 20-year old Liviu Tudoran, the iMove is simple, smooth, cute, and most of all, blends right into the Apple product lineup of pods and user-friendly design.

The exterior uses "photocromic material" to adjust the exterior hue of the vehicle (at least on the transparent parts) based on a variety of presets. Think of it like the Mustang's MyColor gauges, but on the outside of your ride.

Have a look at the pics below (and use our new zoom function, if necessary) to check out some of the designer's ideas and explanations behind them. While the spelling may be a bit off, the idea seems to be fairly on.

The iMove, though currently just a sketch and rendering, will be right at home in the cities of the future. I'll take mine in Vintage Mac Beige please.

By Phil Alex

Source: Liviu Tudoran