Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Lexus SC gets Mercedes-Benz AMG Makeover...

I really should hate this as much as that '95 Thunderbird with the '50s Ford front end, but I don't.

Maybe it's because this Z30 Toyota Soarer, otherwise known as the first generation Lexus SC in the U.S., with a Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM-esque front end and SL AMG rear end is so well done. Heck, it's a lot more convincing than those Miata-based replicas we see so often.

Of course, it's not all good. The window line is more E46 BMW M3 than CLK and the rear end looks more like a S15 Nissan 200SX than it does a Mercedes-Benz. And there's all that jiff about besmirching the manufacturer's name with this cheap knockoff, and ruining the original car.

Though it has to be said the Z30 Soarer was kinda boring to look at. It had those rounded, utterly inoffensive designed-by-committee looks that most Japanese cars of the '90s seemed to have. So if anything, this is a noticeable improvement.

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By Tristan Hankins

Via: Minds Farm