Aussie Man Narrowly Escapes Hyundai Flying Into his Bedroom! [+Video]

To say that Demitrios Bisbelis from Melbourne, Australia, is lucky, is an enormous understatement. The 31-year old man escaped almost certain death - or serious injuries at best, when he decided to get out of bed briefly at 2 am to check his computer in another room. A few minutes later, a Hyundai Excel [also know as the Pony] ploughed into his house and onto the bed he was lying on moments ago!

"it was around 2 am in the morning and I heard a massive bang, then I saw a car going through my bedroom," Bisbelis told reporters. "I thought it was an earthquake. My bed was disintegrated. I'm quite lucky to be alive, because I'm normally in bed this time of the night".

Melbourne police said the car hit a median strip on the road and then went airborne ramming through the wooden fence and into the house which is located on Frankston Dandenong Road. The two 52-year-old men who were in the Hyundai were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.