Murcielago LP640 “Yeniceri Edition”: Unicate’s World Record Setting Lamborghini

When you see "world record" and "Lamborghini Murcielago" in the same sentence, in a tuner's press release, usually something extreme follows, with out-of-this-world power and speed being pretty safe bets.

But that's not how Unicate does things. The German tuner pushed the envelope in a different way with this Yeniceri Edition Murcielago. This here example of Sant' Agata's supercar has the biggest tires ever fitted to a Murcielago.

In stock form, the Lamborghini uses 8,5x20 front rims, with a 2 inch outer lip, shod in 235 tires, and 13x20s in the rear with a 6 inch outer lip, wrapped around in 335s. Pretty impressive stuff.

Then came Unicate and replaced these default amenities as follows: 10,5x20s with a full 4 inch lip and 285/25 ZR 20 tires in front and massive 13,5x21s with a 6 inch outer lip and 375/25 ZR 21 rubber at the rear. And that, apparently, is enough for a self proclaimed world record...

"We wanted to take the wheels to the extremes and wanted to give it a wider wheel on the rear but there aren't any tires wide enough. It's great! It drives much better now than when it had the smaller original wheels on, it's much more sportier now and you have the real feeling of driving a safer sports cars." CEO and founder of Unicate and the MEC Design Group, Cem Altun, said.

Other exterior modifications include a custom exhaust system (that delivers 20 extra horsepower) and paint job, lowered suspension and LED daytime running lights incorporated into the front grill and side skirts.

The interior got some attention too, being richly clad in carbon fiber and also boasts a new, more powerful music system.

There's no information about the price and availability, but we hope that's not another world record.

By Csaba Daradics