David Cardoso wants Renault to do the Twist with New Design Concept

David Cardoso, whose work includes the water-bound Audi Hydron concept and Cobalt coupe, has created a new car concept to take on Mitsubishi's i-Miev. Envisioned as a Renault, the Twist would be a small electric city vehicle to slot between the baby Twingo and larger Modus MPV.

From the looks of it, the Twist's design is awkward enough to be Renault (and I say that in a good way). Its nose is nothing to blow people away style-wise, but it certainly looks the part of an i-Miev competitor. Luckily, that means it can win people over with cuteness.

Besides the apparently tall and spine-straightening seating area designed by chiropractors, the Twist looks ready to go. Even the wheels are a realistic size, unlike a lot of renderings put out there.

Also, the rear is distinctly Renault, utilizing a vertical rear windscreen and the bulbous trunk. My favorite bit by far is the spoiler that curves up from the rear quarters and along the roof, as well as the dual exhaust tips (even if it's an electric car, they look just right).

Now, if only Renault would build it...

By Phil Alex

Images / Design: David Cardoso