Here we go again: Bulgarian Vilner luxifies the Camaro with impressive results

Vilner, who recently took it upon themselves to redo the interior of a Hennessey SRT600 Grand Cherokee, has now unleashed their interior-modifying skills on the new Camaro. Thank God, because it most definitely needs some fancy-pants stuff like this on the inside in order to take on the Mustang.

For this project, Vilner took a Silver Ice V6 Camaro and then added its own special magic to the seats, dash, ceiling, and all the rest. Instead of the common black plastic and leather found in most Camaros, Vilner's pony car wears "nubuck, aged nappa, and chrome" in its passenger compartment.

There's a redesigned steering wheel with better grips, too. Yeah, that's nice, but I'm still staring at all the leather. Why? Because it looks like a million bucks.

Also, in order to make the most of the car's Boston Acoustics sound system, new sound insulation has been added. Usually I'm no fan of post-production leather interiors, but this one just pops. In fact, I think the only detail I'd ace on the entire car would be the aluminum pedals (they just aren't cuttin' it).

As you can clearly see in the pics below, using these materials adds a touch a luxury and flair (or creates a "festival of style", if you will) that stock Camaros are sorely missing. Hey, Chevy: an interior option along these lines would be a welcome addition to the checklist when ordering a Camaro, so do it.

By Phil Alex

Image credits: Vilner