Infiniti Developing 'IPL' Performance Division?

Does Infiniti dare take on the likes of BMW's M, Mercedes-Benz's AMG, and Audi's S/RS/quattro? Probably not immediately, but recent reports indicate that something performance-minded is going on at Nissan's luxury brand. Infiniti has begun the process of establishing IPL, or the Infiniti Performance Line.

IPL is likely to be much like Nismo, providing sport suspensions, spoilers, seats, and shift knobs. For those wanting more (like a supercharged M luxo-barge), there's some light at the end of the tunnel. According to the filings, Infiniti's high-performance division may work to develop supercharger / turbocharger applications.

Any possible vehicles are up in the air, but what if Infiniti finally had a premium flagship like the Essence (or M45 coupe)? What about a turbocharged G37? A performance M3 / RS4 competitor would be awesome, as long as they don't over-juice the styling like Lexus's IS-F. And for the love of God, don't have the thing wearing fake exhaust tips.

By Phil Alex

Via: Autoweek

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