Xenatec Shows Off its "Dream Cars": Bentley SUV, BMW 6-Series Sedan and More

Now that their limited production Maybach 57S Coupe (see here) has made the rounds, here are some of the other proposals from Xenatec. Since the company's specialty is chassis modification (and the necessary body work thereafter), they've got some ideas for a lengthened (and shortened) "dream cars".

Have a look at the gallery below and see what tickles your fancy. The SUV limos are a bit much, but the rag-top conversions don't look too bad (especially the CLS and 300).

Other winners include the standard limo conversions (like the Flying Spur and 300C), while big-time no-no's include that ridiculous 7-Series with the bubble top and the extended R8 and Carrera.

For those of you who thought the Porsche TranSport pickup was interesting, have a look at what Xenatec would do with the Cayenne to create a sport truck. Still want a Porsche truck?

By Phil Alex

Photos: Xenatecgroup