Rare, Rear-Engined Tatra 603 for Sale in the States

Feel the need to own a "Communist supercar" that can ford rivers and fall down mountains with nary a hint of damage? This Czechoslovakian Tatra 603 might just be up your alley.

Tatra was one of the first manufacturers to get into the whole rear-mounted engine scene, meaning all you 911 and Beetle fans out there have engineer Hans Ledwinka to thank.

Originally destined to end up in the hands of the elite, all 603s feature an air-cooled aluminum V8 mounted out back that sends power through a 4-speed column-mounted manual transmission.

Although the auction lists this example as '59 model, that would make it a first-gen (which this isn't, due to the four headlights). No news as to what model year this 603 actually is, although according to the video it looks to be in the '67-'75 range. Any clarification would be much appreciated.

The example here is starting at just under $40,000.

Phil Alex

Link: eBay