Japan's 3D Design Kits-Up the BMW Z4 Roadster

Japanese tuner 3D Design has come out with some new aero bits for owners of the E89 Z4 (that's the latest one with the retractable hard top).On the show car here you'll see the new urethane front lip and trunk spoilers and a diffuser made out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

Going by exchange rates as of this typing, the price breakdown is as follows: $956 (¥86,100) for the front lip spoiler, $805 (¥72,450) for the trunk spoiler, and $1,260 (¥113,400) for the diffuser.

If you want your E89 to stand out in a crowd, these might be worth a look. As for yours truly, I'm enough of a Z4 fan to really worry about $1,000 lip spoilers.

By Phil Alex

Link: 3D Design