Audi's Über Cool Soccer Table Enters Production, on Sale for €12,900 / US$15,900

Remember that awesome -conceptual then- soccer table from Audi's design team that we showed you back in the summer of 2008? Well, almost two years later and Audi has taken the decision to produce the soccer table in a limited series of hand-made models.

Featuring typical Audi design traits and materials such the aluminum casing, the soccer table is said to meet "the high standards demanded in professional tournaments." Only 20 of these football tables will be built initially by Leonhart, a Bavarian company that has specialized in table soccer games since 1949.

Each [hand-made] game table is priced at a hefty €12,900, which comes to around US$15,900 at the current exchange rates.

Here's what Audi's Design boss and the Chairman of the Bavarian Table Soccer Association had to say about Ingolstadt's creation:

Wolfgang Egger, Head of Audi Group Design:

"It's a attractive task to transfer our cars' design language to other day-to-day articles, and the results are often surprising! The Audi Design soccer table features large-area, flowing surfaces and sharp, clearly defined lines. The brushed aluminum frame creates an exciting contrast to the white body. Our design team looks forward to displaying one of these tables at our Concept Design studio in Munich."

Thomas Przesdzink, German table soccer champion and Chairman of the Bavarian Table Soccer Association:

"It looks just great. That tells us nothing about how it performs, but here too I was pleasantly surprised: this is a very good table. From a sporting point of view, it could certainly be used for an official tournament series."