Fail: DUI Woman Uses Barricade as a Ramp to Fly Over Tolls [with Video]

Common sense dictates that you should never drive while intoxicated. But some people refuse to listen to logic or reason with disastrous results. Take 22-year-old Yasmine Villasana of Fort Worth for example.

The young driver was captured on film early yesterday morning at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport literally flying over a toll booth at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The accident happened when the young driver clipped the toll booth protector barricade launching her Chevy Impala car into the air and through the booth!

The car went up in flames after it... landed on the run-strip err motorway but the amazingly, the driver managed to escape with only minor injuries. Luckily, no other person was hurt during the incident.

According to the police report, Villasana told officers that she "had been rear-ended as she was approaching the Toll Plaza which caused her vehicle to strike the Toll Booth Protector Barricade, launch into the air, land on the roadway and catch on fire."

The female driver told also officers that she wasn't drunk at all stating "she had one cranberry and vodka last night." However, the breathalyzer test proved otherwise and she was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Source: Dallas Observer , Via: