Honda CR-Z Guerrilla Marketing gets Extremely Spicy in Paris...

At least in Europe, Honda is following some pretty unconventional methods to promote its new CR-Z hybrid sports coupe. In fact, unless you're the artsy type or have a vivid imagination, you'll have a pretty hard time trying to figure out how Honda, the CR-Z or any car for that matter, fit in the "Live Every Litre" film project.

But just so you can get an idea, the "Live Every Litre" is supposed to be a documentary-style road movie in which numerous members of the public have been nominated by the project's online community to realize their dream in the new Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe.

In this case, Agent Lynch, aka Kate Rawlinson (originally from Newcastle), wanted to perform the world's first guerrilla burlesque routine in the streets of Monmartre in Paris.

The young law-degree-holder, who by the way, does not appear to have a driver's license as she had her boyfriend drive the CR-Z (...), performed a public striptease for the unsuspecting yet clearly delighted Paris crowd.

Agent Lynch left little to the imagination stripping from her vintage dress right down to her lacy lingerie and then to top it off, she poured blue paint all over her naked body before imprinting herself on a white and red satin flag to form the French tricolore - sweet.

Not that we have anything whatsoever against young women showing off their bodies in the name of art, but we repeat; all this was done as part of Honda's European promotion of the new CR-Z. Then again, we did post a story on the event...