Lamborghini Navarra Concept Study Penned by Lockheed Martin Designer

Most young designers these days appear to have the hots for anything related to Lamborghini. After the Cnossus, Minotauro, Miura Nuovo, Conquisto, Furia and Toro LA690-4 - just to mention some of the Lamborghini design concepts we've shown you the past few months, here comes yet another proposal for a Raging Bull model, this time from American Adam Denning who happens to be a designer for Lockheed Martin USA.

The Navarra is design study for a flagship Lamborghini supercar to replace the current Murcielago model.

"I tried to imagine all the V12 flagships of the brand from the Miura to the Murcielago, and then create a car that would look like it not only belonged in this group, but that it was the result of these cars as well," Denning explains.

"I was very inspired by Michelangelo's La Pietà. The way Mary's garments flow down and fold over each other was the main inspiration for the Navarra's overlapping surfaces and organic shapes."

Denning, who has a masters in Automotive Design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy, says that the Navarra would make use of a carbon-fiber frame and carbon-fiber panels with power coming from a V12 engine.

Photos Courtesy: Adam Denning , Via: CBD