Yabba Dabba Doo Porsche 911 GT3 RS: Pedal-Powered Sports Machine Made from Cardboard and Aluminum Foil

This here is the Ferdinand 911 GT3 RS - without doubt, the most technologically advanced and at the same time environmentally-friendly and fuel efficient Porsche model ever to see the light of day.

It uses a high tech chassis bonded together with a special adhesive tape coated in polyethylene while the body is finger-made from exotic lightweight materials such as thin sheets of paperboard covered in a space-age aluminum foil that serves various purposes.

In this case, power is provided by a left-to-mid-mounted human-boxer unit capable of delivering a yawn-inspiring 1 fhp (foot horsepower) when fully fed, relaxed and emotionally happy.

Unfortunately, being green comes at a price that some Porsche-philes may not be willing to pay: the Ferdinard 911 GT3 RS is also the slowest Porsche ever to set foot on earth.

Nevertheless, we suggest you watch the frisky journalist / powerplant with the awesome hood-piece taking the conceptual Porsche for a snail-spin around the Salzburgring circuit in the video below.