Alfa Romeo 6C 3200 Cento Study with 156 GTA Heart

[Updated with an official statement] Just landed in our mailbox is this teaser sketch of the Alfa Romeo 6C 3200 Cento spider created by a Dutch/Italian design company called "1754 Fuori dell' ordinario" to celebrate the automaker's one hundred year anniversary.

Details remain sketchy for now but the design firm said that the styling was inspired from Alfa's historic racers and production roadster models, while the 156 GTA's 250HP 3.2-liter V6 would be the power of choice of the spider were to be produced. We've sent an email to the company for more information, so we'll update the story as soon as we hear back from them.

Update: "1754 Fuori dell' ordinario" sent us this statement regarding the Alfa Romeo 6C Cento:

"The 6C Cento is designed as a tribute for Alfa Romeo that fits between the Spider/Brera and 8C. There are no further plans to introduce a real concept car. However, if there’s interest in a real life version, we would not hesitate to build one!

Currently our design team is working on a full 3D model of the car, we expect this model finishedin a couple of days. More (render) images and information will be presented after completion of the 3D model"