Alfa Romeo Fans Celebrates Brand's 100th Anniversary with Disco Volante Sculpture

Alfa Romeo is celebrating its centenary this year and the city of Milan is paying tribute to the historic carmaker by staging four days of events from 24 to 27 June involving the City Council, Fiera Milano Expo, the Monza Race Track and the Alfa Romeo Museum.

One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of a bronze sculpture donated by the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo or 'RIAR', an association that brings together more than 1500 vintage Alfa owners, and numerous fans of the brand from around the world.

Designed by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo with the collaboration of artist Agostino Bonalumi, the sculpture is inspired by the famous Alfa Romeo 1900 Disco Volante (Flying Saucer).

As a token of appreciation, Alfa Romeo had the names of all those who contributed in the creation written in a special plaque under the art piece. In addition, everyone will receive a 1/43 scale model of the sculpture.