SPY VIDEOS: 2011 BMW M5, M6 and 6-Series Convertible

Featured in this latest batch of scoop videos are the all-new 2011 M5 sedan, M6 Coupe as well as the 6-Series Convertible [notice the Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing?], all of which are most likely to go on sale sometime next year. Both the new M5 saloon and M6 coupe say bye-bye to the current models' naturally-aspirated 10-cylinder unit and welcome a reworked version of the X5 / X6 M's twin-turbocharged V8.

Output figures remain a secret, but it is believed that in the M5 and M6, the V8 turbo will churn more than the 555HP and 680Nm or 501-lbs/ft of peak torque it does on the X5 M and X6 M, flirting closer to the 600HP mark.

As for the next-generation of the 6-Series Convertible, it's looks like it will keep using a canvas top and seating for 2+2. Expect to see a less controversial design language inspired from the recent Concept Gran Coupe (click here for pictures).

Source: BMWblog & E90post