Ford Windstar Axles Breaking, NHTSA Investigates

The NHTSA is going to take a break from scrutinizing Toyota to have a look at Ford's '99-'03 Windstar, which is having an issue with its rear axles (mainly in high-corrosion / high-road-salt areas).

According to the New York Times, of the 900,000 or so Windstars sold, there have been 234 reports, 2 accidents, and no injuries so far. The NHTSA claims that "fracture of a rear suspension axle could result in loss of vehicle control".

Ford counteracts, with spokesperson Said Deep stating "the few reports alleging loss of control are inconsistent with how Ford would expect these front-wheel-drive vehicles to respond...The operator retains control of the vehicle at all times."

Unless someone is taking a sharp turn or completely freaks out, Ford's making sense. What doesn't help is that fact that Deep apparently continued his defense by saying all the events happened occurred after the warranty was up.

Here's a thought, since we're all here together in this "save the American auto industry" thing: don't come off sounding like you're saying, "It's not our problem, the warranty is up."

It's YOUR product, so it will always be YOUR problem, too. Don't alienate consumers.

By Phil Alex

Via: NYT and Consumer Affairs