Hyundai Kicks Off Countdown to 2010 World Cup with i10 Football-Themed Cars

Being the official car supplier of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Hyundai is doing its best to associate its cars with the sporting spectacle that kicks off on June 11. This time Hyundai's UK arm commissioned the build of two football-themed cars.

Interestingly, these two i10s were previously used by Jeremy Clarkson in his DVD 'Duel' and ended up damaged. Instead of repairing the creased panels, Hyundai decided to give both cars a second shot at fame.

Both promotional i10s are covered in artificial turf while the centre circle on the roof is home to a giant 1.5 meter-tall football. Other exterior features include the goal posts on the bonner, the soccer ball wheels and the football shoe mirrors.

Each car has a unique interior, with one featuring a 'grass' look to match the exterior, and the other a football theme, right down to the soccer-ball headrests.

Hyundai said that the i10 football cars will be used for promotional World Cup activity at various events up and down the country.