Is this the Start of Google Motors? Google Tech to Connect Chevy Volt Customers

General Motors has announced that OnStar will be working with Google in order to help connect the Chevrolet Volt even more.

Google has some add-ons in development for version 2.0 of the upcoming Volt app. There will be a navigation tab that uses Google Maps with a lojack-type setup, showing owners' proximity to the car (and possibly solving the Seinfeldian parking problem for good).

Users will also be able to send a desired destination to the car and have OnStar directions ready before they get in.

All this to make people feel even safer about trying something as progressive as the Volt. After all, we don't want to let them too far out of their comfort zone.

Onstar president Chris Preuss says, "While OnStar will never lose sight of our core focus on safety and security, this relationship is an example of how we're evolving our leadership position in connected vehicle technology. What we're talking about today is only the beginning."

If GM is partnering with Google, I guess the only way to be fully connected Volt owner will be to have Google's Android.

For a list of all the features available at launch, scroll on down.

By Phil Alex

Launch features of Smartphone mobile application for the Chevrolet Volt:

-Charge status display – plugged in or not and voltage (120V or 240V)

-Flexibility to "Charge Now" or schedule charge timing

-Display percentage of battery charge level, electric and total ranges

-Ability to manually set grid-friendly charge mode for off-peak times when electricity rates are lowest

-Send text or email notifications for charge reminders, interruptions and full charge

-Display miles per gallon, electric only miles, and odometer readings

-Shows miles per gallon, EV miles and miles driven for last trip and lifetime

-Remotely start the vehicle to pre-condition the interior temperature