New Opel Calibra Coupe Rumored for 2013, Buick Version Could Follow

Ever since Opel lifted the covers off the stylish GTC Concept back in 2007, there have been rumors flying throughout the internet and the media about a production version of the study that would essentially replace the Vectra-based Calibra of the 1990s.

And while many (yours truly included) may support that an Astra-based sports coupe sounds like a more reasonable and lucrative proposal for Opel, Car Magazine has returned with an update on the Calibra II / GTC Concept story.

The report claims that the four-seater coupe is still under consideration but if it gets the final okay, it could go on sale as early as 2013, which sounds plausible given that the car would be more or less a two-door version of the Opel Insignia (sold in the U.S. as the 2011 Buick Regal).

It is said that in order for GM to start making a profit off the Calibra's spiritual successor, Opel and its Vauxhall partner will need to build a minimum of 30,000 units a year, and yes, that's where Buick kicks in.

"We would feel a lot more confident about some of these projects if Buick, Chevrolet in North and South America and Saab were sharing volumes and risk," an unnamed GM Europe source told the magazine. Of course, since Saab is no longer a part of GM, we're assuming that this statement must have been made either in the beginning of 2010 or last year...

In any case, if (and that's a big 'if') GM does greenlight the Insignia coupe project, chances are that the two door model will be sold in the U.S. as a Buick alongside the Regal saloon.

Via: Carmagazine

2007 Opel GTC Concept