Switzer R911S: Manic Porsche 911 with 911 Horsepower

Switzer Performance seems to have some bonkers customers, because they're the kind of people who are in the market for this: the Switzer R911S.

The kit is built on Switzer's P800 package for the GT2, but now develops 911 horsepower (that's 291HP more than the recently revealed 911 GT2 RS) thanks to good ol' race fuel and some fine-tuning.

Cornering duties are handled by a "titanium inverted-front-strut, remote-reservoir suspension" developed by JRZ. When ordered, Switzer custom-tunes it for each owner's level of experience (but really, how does one handle 900+ horsepower?).

There's also a superlight version offered. Called the R911S Carbon, it wears carbon fiber body panels by Seibon.

The base R911S comes in at a hair under $200,000, while the Carbon runs that entry fee up to about $240,000. At least those prices include the car. Right?

By Phil Alex

Via: Switzer & Worldcarfans