Toyota to Recall 11,500 Lexus LS Models Worldwide

In the latest episode of a series of massive recalls, Toyota Motor Corp. said today that it plans to recall four Lexus LS models due to problems related to the steering wheel system of the car.

The models in question are the LS460 and LS460L as well as the LS600h and LS600hL hybrids equipped with the Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS), with the recall covering around 11,500 vehicles worldwide including 3,800 units sold in the U.S., 4,500 in Japan and about 40 cars in the UK.

According to Mieko Iwasaki, a spokeswoman for the automaker, many customers in Japan complained about the wheels not returning to original positions fast enough after making turns. Iwasaki said that the problem is both mechanical- and software- related.

Here's how Lexus described the steering wheel-related issue:

"The problem occurs at low speed when manoeuvring the steering wheel to full lock position. If the driver then returns the steering wheel very fast, this could lead to a steering wheel off-centre condition even though the driving wheels would be straight. This phenomenon will be resolved automatically in a few seconds and the driver may notice this correction as the steering wheel centre moves slowly by itself to the centre position when driving straight during the correction operation. The driver remains in control of the vehicle as the steering wheel self corrects itself."
Via: Lexus & Businessweek