Marussia F2 Crossover Makes its Debut in Moscow

The Marussia F2 was recently unveiled in Moscow, and boy does it have some lofty goals. With the blocky, zig-zaggy F2, Marussia wants to move beyond the supercar crowd and target well-to-do individuals and fleet services alike. Sadly, it seems to just be a mock-up (no actual stats were provided).

Forget the love-it or hate-it design; the F2 has got more going for it than one might think. It's supposedly got a modular interior, allowing it to be reconfigured depending on the needs at hand, the rear doors slide for better entry and exit, and it uses a multimedia system that integrates GPS, Skype, and probably a few other neat tricks.

All these aspects could be good for people needing a vehicle to tackle SWAT duties, off-road rescue, or simple transportation between high-level super-secret meetings where there's a briefcase handcuffed to your arm.

Interesting, but why not just modernize a Hummvee?

By Phil Alex

Via: Marussia