Panamera Becomes Porsche's Best-Selling Model in the USA

In April, Porsche's new four-door Panamera recorded its best-ever one-month with sales of 678 units becoming Porsche's best-selling model in the US for the very first time since its introduction in the market in October 2009. To date, Porsche has sold 3,410 Panamera saloons in the U.S.

Overall, Porsche sold 1,747 units from its current model lines to US customers in April, recording a six-percent fall on the same month last year.

In addition to the Panamera, Porsche sold 219 units of the Boxster (+28% compared to April 2009), 135 units of the Cayman (+3%), 389 units of the 911 (down 42% over April 2009), and the outgoing Cayenne that will be replaced by a new model in July, 326 vehicles (-63%).