Shane Baxley Renders the Aebulle, the Hyundai Future-Cycle

How would everyone feel if Hyundai built a Matrix-meets-Akira lightcycle? If you have eyes and can see this, then the answer should be "Pretty darn good".

Called the Aebulle - Korean for "cocoon" - designer Shane Baxley says the magnesium-framed trike was inspired by the cocoon of the European Peacock Butterfly (Inachis io, for all you lepidopterists).

A student at Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, Shane says, "The main idea was to design a personal vehicle that delivers the mobility and speed of a motorcycle while offering the safety that a cocoon offers a butterfly. The Aebulle is targeted for the Los Angeles region where it would utilize the commuter lanes allowing its occupant a quick commute."

Much like concepts for the near-future, in-wheel motors provide motivation while energy is stored in floor-mounted lithium ion batteries.

The Aebulle's two independently-mounted front wheels allow it to lean into turns by means of separate swing arms.

That tinted windshield / green house would theoretically be constructed of aluminum oxynitride, a transparent ceramic that's reminiscent of the clear aluminum from Star Trek. To improve ingress / egress, the front lifts open and brings the steering column with it.

Inside, relevant information chosen by the driver (speed, fuel economy, GPS, etc) would be visible using e-ink technology incorporated into the glass. Think of it like an Amazon Kindle dashboard.

Shane - here is clearly a man with big dreams, and this is a step in a hugely right direction. When's the last time anyone really tried to revolutionize the mass-market motorcycle?

By Phil Alex

Images: Shane Baxley , Via: CBD