Super-Cherry 1988 BMW M3 E30 up for Sale

Here's another tasty classic for sale: a 1988 M3 Coupe with just over 47,000 miles on it (and my personal favorite color combo).

The car is bone-stock, but it's extremely clean. The leather looks nice and well-aged (although I've seen better in similar examples), and everything else shows really well in the pictures. For a proper analysis, I'd probably need to hold onto the car for a few days, or better yet, make that a couple of weeks in the mountains.

Here's the kicker: it's $32,500. The E30 M3 is a classic, to be sure, but could this one possibly be worth that much? This is a driver's car, not a museum piece. For that kind of money why not get a gray-market M3 Evo and have a really interesting investment?

What do you think?

By Phil Alex

Link: eBizautos