Stallone's Mercury Coupe from Cobra Movie Inspires Porsche Cayenne Based Build in Russia

Russian Automotive Design (R.A.D.), who built a Cayenne-based Volga with Cardi, are currently working on a new project for a special customer: a Porsche Cayenne-based homage to Sly Stallone's AWSOM 50 Merc from the movie Cobra.

Instead of buying a real '50s classic (the actual car was at a Mecum auction last year), CarDesign says something more "suitable" for the Russian condition needed to be crafted.

R.A.D. is using steel for the space frame and fiberglass for the body panels, building a funky four-seater that will go like stink and possibly even have roof-mounted aerodynamic luggage carriers.

The wider, longer, retro Cayenne is expected to be completed later this year.

By Phil Alex

Via: Cardesign